Time attendance system for medium companies

Medium companies employing less than 512 workers represent serious business systems that require the support of the Human Resources department. It is virtually unimaginable for  the HR department to work efficiently without appropriate time attendance and employee’s presence and  also personal reports (Human resources reports). These reports enable monitoring of the work engagement of certain staff structures and if necessary planning and organizing  their relocation to other jobs.

Thanks to the application of separate check in and check out readers, this system is capable to login and logout up to 512 employees on several access points within the company, which enables accurate operation of intelligent system for determining shifts, especially when shifts are overlapping.

This system allows easy implementation of access control system for box offices, laboratories, server rooms where employees use the same card they use to check in or out. This allows eventual security checks in case of security breaches  within certain manufacturing processes.

Accompanying software for this system allows easy creating of the reports and monitoring work engagement of employees even from remote places (online). Thanks to the special AIS Time WEB Global software, it is possible for authorized personnel to overview and control  time and attendance related data, to check current login and logout status in the company, to form dedicated reports, covering  time periods defined by user.

Information technology is essential for modern business, therefore electronic time attendance system represents the ideal solution for following next reason:

  • Hiring  additional staff in human resources department becomes unnecessary.
  • A possibility to keep a record of the employees’ presence.
  • Calculating salaries becomes easier and more precise, even for companies in which employees work in shifts, even when shifts overlap.
  • It’s possible to accurately analyse personnel, allowing redistribution of employees with maximum efficiency.
  • It’s possible to upgrade system with access control or control of working on machines.

Depending on the necessity  and available conditions for installation, it’s possible to choose between two types of time attendance system for up to 512 employees.





base_pocetnaAIS Base system is intended for recording time and attendance in enterprises ranging from 200 to 3200 employees. This system includes an entrance and exit reader, power supply and is supported by free application for time recording and monitoring. Each user of this system gets a free MIFARE® card for a business and private exits. Read more >>







twr_pocetna AIS BASE HD which can be used for time and attendance and access control. This system is designed to show you clearly view about your employees when they check in or check out. The system consists of two devices, one for check in and second for check out. Base HD is connected to constant power supply, but it also has a battery which allows  the device to be operational for 8 hours in case of  power-off. Read more >>