Time attendance system for big companies

Big companies who employ less than 3200 workers represent serious bussines systems for which bussines is necessary personnel Department support. The work of personnel department is now hard to imagine without appropriate time attendance and present employees as personal report (Human resources reports) with which is possible to monitor work engagement certain staffing levels and the need to plan and organize their relocation on other work.

This system has ability to login and logout less than 3200 employees on more then one access point within the company, which enables accurate operation of intelligent system for determining shift, especially when shift overlap, thanks to the use of separate check in and check out reader.

This system allows easy implementation system for access control room such as cash, laboratory, server room and similary where employe use same card which use for entrance and exit. This allows any security checks in case breaches of confidentiality or security within certain manuacturing processes.

Software which delivered with this system allow easy making of the report and ability to monitor work engagement of employees even from distant points, from anywhere the person is authorized for view and data control related time and attendance are able to access internet and possibility through special AIS Time WEB Global software check current state login and logout in company and dedicated report which cover time period that defined by user.

Modern business in which work without information technology became unthinkable, electronic time attendance system represent ideal solution from next reason:

  • It’s not necessary to hire additional employees in personal department.
  • It is possible to keep a record of the presence of employees.
  • The calculating of earnings becomes easier and precise even for systems in which employees work in shifts, even when shifts overlap.
  • It’s possible to accurate personnel analyse who allows redistribution worker with maximum efficiency.
  • It’s possible to upgrade system for access control or control of work on machine.

Depending on need and possibility performing necessary installation, it’s possible to choose between two type of time attendance system less then 3200 employees.



base_pocetnaAIS Base system is intended for working hours recording in enterprises from 200 to 3200 employees. The system includes an entrance and exit reader, power supply and is supported by free application for time recording and monitoring. Each user of this system gets a free MIFARE® card for a business and private exits. Read more >>






twr_pocetnaAIS BASE HD which can be used for time and attendeace and access control. This system is designed to show you clearly view about your employes when they check in or check out. System consists of two devices,one for check in and second for check out. Base HD it’s connencted on constant power supply,but it have battery which can supply device for next 8 hours if constant power is off. Read more >>