Modern companies rely more and more on systems of time attendance and access control in order to increase efficiency of business and security of facilities. With this system, employers will have better overview of each employee about his activity on work, receiving regular graphical report, displaying if employee is late for work, if there is overtime work, fieldwork and many other workers activity. Time attendance system is providing  reliable and accurate information about employees,that ultimately benefits both employers and employees.
Access control system allows you and your employees  to restrict entry to certain parts of the company both temporally and spatially . With this system you will increase safety in the  company and gain more efficient control of workers. There is also an option of integrating  IP camera with the system of access control and time attendance, in order to capture an image of a worker who is checking-in or checking-out.
Our company’s system of time attendance and access control has three different variants,  with broad variety of related devices.