D-Logic hotel system is specifically designed to control access to rooms and other parts of the hotel. The  very fact that it was developed entirely by our team of experts and fabricated in our production facility, ensures it’s complete flexibility and adaptability to clients  specific requests.
System operation is provided by using contactless Mifare © Cards. Each card can provide limited access both temporarily and spatially. Besides this function, the system allows you full control of electric energy consumption in rooms, resulting in additional financial savings.
The system consists of two readers (the one at the entrance, as an ID cards reader and the other inside the room used as main power switch) , electric strike release, module that turns on the electricity and Mifare© card programmer. The devices are powered constantly,  while in case of a power shutdown, integrated battery powers the system for an additional 8 hours, allowing hotel guests to use the system freely, even if the entire power grid collapses.




  • Two readers – one for entrance to identify card and one for power control.hotel_sistem2
  • Power module that let electricity.
  • MIFARE® card programmer.
  • Inside and outside mounting.
  • Memory can record up to 8000 events.
  • Reading MIFARE® ISO 14443A card with 4 and 7-bite UID.
  • Reading unique CSN (Card serial number) number or user defined number.
  • Reader has built-in time clock (RTC) and flash memory to record events even after power failure
  • All data avilable on demand.
  • All device settings can be obtained via user interface without need for physically accessing device.



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