GPS tracking and telemetry – I/O module

Input/Output module is a device used for analog and digital readout of vehicle’s parameters. The device is capable of reading analog data (such as current engine RPM, fuel level in the tank, engine temperature, door position on vehicle, position of the open box bed or a trailer that is being unloaded, etc.)  from old vehicles (buses, trucks).  Besides analog signals the device also supports digital data reading over CAN protocols. All of the data read by the IO module, are forwarded to GPS/GPRS module and after that they are stored and transmitted via GPRS service to the central server.

This module also has several options of remote initiation of certain events in vehicle, such as closing door, turning on displays or monitors, etc.  Information about certain events occurring  in the vehicle are transmitted via D-Logic hub and GPS/GPRS modules.

One off many options is a possibility to disengage gearbox from economic  to uneconomic mode, when driving uphill or downhill, urban or inter-regional roads which provides fuel savings while excludes the human factor.

IO module is extremely popular among truck companies and bus carriers, because with the help of this device it is possible to record every driver’s driving style. Reports are quite helpful, allowing users to have a complete overview of the way drivers drive. For example, what percentage of time was truck driven in the most efficient mode (green zone), less or the least efficient (red zone). On this way user can save more fuel, by reducing consumption and increasing profit.

More important, using this system extends the life of the vehicle and reduces  servicing costs. Besides just recording data from the tachometer and the fuel level meter, in cases when engine is working in inadequate rpm range, or there has been a drastic reduction of fuel level, system will send a distress signal to the user for a potential engine failure, or unauthorized extraction of fuel from the tank.

System may also signalize on engine overheating, or reaching engine ignition critical temperature.


  • CAN protocol micro-controller, option to update the firmware and send data over GPRS modul_mala
  • Built in special memory block for storing  data, when sending is not possible due to non-existing  GPRS signal.
  • Analog inputs.
  • Digital frequency meter  galvanically  separated with opto-isolator.
  • Digital inputs galvanically  separated with opto-isolator.
  • Digital outputs
  • Relay outputs.
  • RJ45 interface for RS232 communication.
  • RJ45 interface for RS485 communication.
  • RJ45 interface for CAN communication.
  • SPI interface extensions for future additions, connectors, protocols
  •  Operating voltage: 9V-30 modul sema mala
  • Protection against voltage greater than 30 V.
  • Operating temperature -30 ° C to +85 ° C.
  • D-LOGIC housing made of self-extinguishing ABS.
  • RSO approval.
  • The device developed and manufactured in Serbia by D-LOGIC team.