GPS tracking system – GPS/GPRS modul

GPS/GPRS is fully developed and manufactured by D – Logic development team. The result of many years of experience acquired in analyzing and summarizing the shortcomings of the devices of similar function represented in local and global market. The device is designed to meet automotive application, which means it is designed to operate in outdoor conditions with a wide temperature range. Basic features of this module are collecting and storing geographic coordinates via GPS and forwarding them to the central D-logic server via GSM / GPRS.With the help of this device allows you to display the current position of the vehicle, the current speed and the history of the vehicle, including the forces of acceleration and braking.

This device can be connected with following D -Logic modules:

  • D Logic contactless reader, allowing vehicles’ drivers to check-in and to be recorded.
  • D Logic hub, provides internet connection for all D Logic devices in the vehicles connected to a hub with.
  • D Logic I / O Module, gathering and forwarding parameters such as: engine rpm, fuel level, engine temperature,etc.


  • Independent GPS receiver with data storing.gps-tracking-module
  •  GPRS transmitter quad band GSM (850/900/1800/1900 MHz).
  •  The ability to connect up to 4 different GSM cards (thus solving problems with high charges for GSM roaming)
  • Internal battery
  • Internal real-time clock and keeping maintenance information about the locations of the satellites with the special internal battery.
  •  Independent microcontroller system with its own memory to store information  BUS LOGIC TICKETING SYSTEM based on D-LOGIC real-time operating system.
  •  The ability to upgrade the operating system and modem executive program  via the Internet (online change of firmware).
  • Supported communication with a central hub device with an option to upgrade the operational program.
  • Supported communication with the I / O device with an option to upgrade the operational program
  • RS232 to RJ45 connector.gps-tracking-module-inside
  • RS485 to RJ45 connector.
  • Complete SDK and API for developers.
  • The operating voltage of 12V-30 v.
  • Protection against voltagehigher than 30V
  • Operating temperature -30 ° C to +85 ° C.
  • D-LOGIC housing made of self-extinguishing ABS.
  • RSO approval.