GPS tracking system – Capacitive fuel meter


D-LOGIC CAPACITIVE FUEL LEVEL METER – is used for a capacitive measurement of the level of fuel (and other liquids ) in vehicle tanks. Body length of the fuel meters probe is adjustable as well as all the seals and mounts, so that it can be adapted for any type of tank .

Probe body is made of high quality aluminum alloy in combination with sealing elements made of polypropylene and rubber seals made of oil-proof rubber that provides stable operation and high resistance to corrosive action of fuel and other substances which measurements are taken .

Measurement accuracy of the fuel gauge is far greater than one achieved with a conventional level meters which relies on a mechanical level measurement of liquids (fuels ). Also, its unique design makes it more accurate than most of the capacitive meters on the market. Thanks to the accompanying software it is possible to perform precise analysis of data and present it in form of graph of consumption in real time , with the possibility to analyze individual points which show sudden drop in the fuel level.

D-Logic capacitive fuel meter is offered in several versions, the basic version consists of the gauge body and the standard measurement electronics. Other versions may contain the installation of optional built-in G-sensor and temperature meter, as well as wireless communications and battery power.Capacitance meter which has a temperature gauge and G-sensor has the ability to detect angle and turbulence of fluid eliminating the influence of temperature and movement / position of the vehicle on the accuracy of the measurement. This is of great importance for the vehicles in which, due to frequent breakdowns of air shock absorbers, vehicles often run under a certain inclination. Without proper G-sensor this inclination can cause the lack of accurate fuel readings . If using version of the fuel meter which is capable of wireless RF communication with the rest of the D-Logic system in the vehicle, it is also possible to use compact battery power when this fuel meter works completely without wires.

Wireless RF connection is also important for communication with the refueling pump if it is integrated into D-Logic system . That way it is possible to control the pouring of the fuel in the vehicle and its dispensing from pump in real-time. If discrepancy appears in the flow of fuel from either side, pump is stopped automatically.


  • Capacitive fuel level meter.plovak
  • Optional built-in temperature sensor and G sensor.
  • Optional RF communication and battery power (fully wireless operation).
  • Aluminum electrodes. The interior of the full diameter of 12 mm made of alloy AlCuMgPb, outer diameter of 25 mm and a wall thickness of 2 mm with threaded screw made of an alloy AlMgSi05.
  • Insulators ring-shaped electrode, the inner diameter of 12 mm, an outer diameter of 21 mm. The material from which they isolators made is extremely resistant polymerized plastic (PP). Insulators are positioned in the pipe endpoints (electrode) and physically separate them.
  • Oil resistant rubber sealing diameter 70 mm and thickness of 3 mm with openings provided for the screw.
  • Metal cover of the probe is 70 mm outer diameter and inner diameter of 24mm carved thread. It is made of steel (Č0361) and contains 3 opening with carved M3 thread.grafikon_gorivo
  • At the outer end of the meter, there are two openings, which are connected to 0V, and an opening in the central part, which is connected to the measuring contact.
  • The recommended operating voltage of 3.3V. Recommendation measurements over 1M ohm, where the short circuit current of the probe was 3.3 uA.grafikon_ugla_rezervoara
  • Operating temperature -30 ° C to +85 ° C.
  • The device developed and manufactured in Serbia.