GPS tracking and telemetry

  D – Logic tracking and vehicle telemetry system is developed as a unique combination of hardware components
specially designed for the automotive industry and intelligent software developed on the basis of years of work
experience in the field and in accordance to client’s demands.
To run a successful business, it’s absolutely necessary to control all sorts of expenses . One of the highest expenses in every company,regardless of its size, are the costs of using a vehicle (or a fleet of vehicles). That category of expenses consists of various costs, such as fuel, amortization, servicing and other costs that need to be analyzed in a proper and well-timed manner, in order to control them more efficiently. One of the most efficient ways to analyze and control this sort of expense is a system for vehicle tracking. As before, D-Logic developed and produced the device all by it’s self ,as well as other devices. This system ensures,not only reduced costs, but also increased security for drivers, vehicles,and cargo being transported.
We want to make sure that our vehicle tracking system will contribute your business performance improvement
by significantly reducing your costs. In an effort to provide you better communication, we have created a
quality service under very affordable conditions. The service allows tracking and monitoring of your company’s
vehicles with global positioning system (GPS), local network provider for domestic and roaming traffic (GSM/GPRS)
and internet. The system consists of the GPS device in vehicle, server for collecting data and surveillance center.
The device consists of a GPS receiver, GPRS module and a module collecting vehicle’s various parameters. The device
receives position via GPS satellite and through GSM network (using GPRS) and transmits its position to the server.
The server can be installed in our facilities and we are guaranteeing the safety of your data.

Adventages of tracking system:

  • Lower investment costs of introducing vehicle tracking system, that are payed-off in a very short notice
    through reduced fuel consumption and servicing expenses. gps-satelitsko-pracenje-vozila
  • Possibility of renting the device, which significantly reduces costs,
  • In case of purchasing the device, you only pay monthly subscription.
  • No maintenance expenses.
  • All data are protected on our servers,
  •  All equipment and control programs are maintained by professionals,
  •  No need for hiring additional trained staff.



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