Aqua park system – Ticketing system


 Ticketing system – system of selling tickets with the possibility of printing one-off tickets on  thermal and/or standard paper. This system has an option of issuing contactless  cards which can be used as monthly, seasonal or annual cards. Beside the classic contacless card, the system can operate with contactless ID tags and bracelets which are more convenient  for water pools and aqua parks. This practically allows the visitor to be issued either a card, a tag or a bracelet with which he will be identified when using any of the available contents, with the possibility of removing credits (prepaid) or paying at the exit of the building (postpaid).
 Besides keeping track of visitors, selling tickets or ticket supplements, ticketing system can be used for keeping records of ticket office employees, their ticket sale results for each salesman in real time, or records of sale for each shift, day or any period of time. 




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