Aqua park system – Offline system

Offline software – primary software solution which function without need to connect on internet and allows primary control system, or ticket sold in ticket office.

This system allow to print all kind of paper ticket with QR code, as well as programing MIFARE® card which may be suitable to use as monthly or seasonal card on water pools and aqua parks. Software allows you to define period of validity of the card, so on that way you can defined in which period will card be active and for how much days. No matter what kind of card which will be used, there is possibility to create ‘blacklist’ which identify in system and refuses expired prepaid cards or already been used paper cards, with which eliminate possibility to use expired card.

Within offline system it can be integrated and IP camera which will be used to capturing image about visitor in moment registering card in system, which represent additional safety measures within system.

Three way turnstile

trokraka-barijera-sl D-Logic three-way turnstile as part of system access control represents unique, specially developed two-way mechanism turnstile… Read more>>









Full Height Turnstiles

velika_barijera_pocetnaFull Height Turnstile is developed on same platform as threeway turnstile with very similar bidirectional mechanism turnstile… Read more>>











µFR programmer can program MIFARE® contactless cards who use as monthly or seasonal card in sports and recreation facilities…

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stampac_mala_uredjajiFor access control system we offer QR code printer. On this way allow to print standard one-off paper card… Read more>>