Access control system

Access control system is an inseparable part of the time and attendance system. Apart from the access control in the relevant areas, modern companies often need restriction of  access to certain objects or their areas.
Laboratories, depositories and archives of confidential documents are only some of the objects to be protected with access control system. Classic ticketing systems in which most of the tasks are performed by people, are often replaced with automated systems such as those seen at the pools, of course, again with the use of access control system.
Digital Logic is a company which in addition to extensive experience in the integration of time and attendance systems simultaneously develops its own access control systems, from the most basic, based on automatic locks, to sophisticated systems that integrate a three-way and full-height barriers.
D-logic access control systems use the technology of contactless ID cards and QR barcodes in combination with reliable electronic and mechanical systems that control access to provide full security and functionality.